• 4044 3 in Vertical Boiler Steam Plant - Custom Engine Layout


    4044 3 in Vertical Boiler Steam Plant - Custom Engine Layout

    Custom Engine Steam Plants are intended to be used by modellers that have a steam engine and want to run it in a boat. Entries here of the seven options show a dimensioned mounting tray, diagrammatic drawings the of the boiler, gas tank & oil trap and their location on the tray and the space available for mounting a non MSM built steam engine. The fittings required to connect the custom engine can be worked through by discussion and, for simple situations the fittings are included in the price. If in doubt.

    Mounting Tray P/N 2786 
    3” Vertical Copper Boiler P/N 4059 
    3” Burner Kit P/N 4016
    1-1/2 “ Vertical Refillable Gas Tank P/N 4272
    1-1/4” Exhaust Oil Separator P/N 4062
    Refillable Gas Tank Adaptor- Long (95 mm) P/N 4357
    Screws/Bolts for Securing Components to Mounting Tray
    Connecting piping for all components.
    Possible steam connection fittings for the engine in discussed when ordering
    Wood lagging, brass binding strips and instructions for lagging the boiler.

    Not supplied:

    Mounting tray 95 x 210 mm with 95 x 75 to 100 mm engine space.
    Height to top of pressure gauge 150 mm (6”)
    Height to top of stack 240 mm (9.5”)
    Height to top of engine 85 mm ( 3.35”)
    Weight 1960 gm