5005RCM Gem Twin Cylinder Horizontal Steam Engine Marine FW - Reversing for RC Installations


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A twin cylinder horizontal reversing engine as pictured.

The Gem is a horizontal version of the Mildura vertical twin cylinder engine and can be made with all the Mildura variants.
The Mildura is the most popular of our range with most modellers opting for the Stephenson's Reversing Linkage. The crank throws are at 90º giving the engine self starting characteristics at any position of the crankshaft. By adding RC controlled Stephenson's reversing linkage, the Mildura/Gem become a marine steam engines capable of powering RC model steamboats up to seven feet long on a boiler pressure of 45psi and up to about 80 psi. "
Matched to "Miniature Steam" 4” Boiler operating at 45psi