Billet Machined Alloy Fuel Tank for HPI Baja 5B, 5T & 5SC C25628ORANGE


Our Billet Machined Alloy Fuel Tank for Baja 5x replaces your OEM molded tank with machined goodness. The stout fuel tank utilizes an alloy fuel cap with o-ring seals, includes new color-coded fuel lines, and is available with a top cover and cap anodized in black, blue, green, gunmetal, orange, red, or silver.

NOTE: Some parts include new hardware where applicable, but some parts are designed to use your original hardware and fasteners. Shimming may be required for perfect alignment and fitment. Some parts may require some permanent modification to the vehicle for fitment. Some parts may eliminate certain OEM features. Instructions for installation are not included; if you do not know how to install the part, please ask your local dealer for assistance. Before installation, please check metal-to-metal fasteners for tightness, and use liquid threadlock when required, as some components are assembled for packaging purposes only.