Billet Machined T3 Realistic Mega Winch w/Wireless Module for 1/10 Scale Crawler C24888BLUE


Get your 1/10-scale rock crawler or other off-road machine out of off-road trouble - without touching your rig with our Billet Machined T3 Mega Winch w/Wireless Remote. The 1/10-scale sized winch features a high-torque motor with aluminum heatsink, Billet machined alloy case, steel winch cable and hook, and a pre-wired wireless module that you install in the chassis. This module accepts commands from the included wireless remote control to activate the winch from a distance. The T3 Mega Winch is available in blue, green, gunmetal, purple, red, or silver finishes.

(Maximum load rating @7.4VDC = 8-lbs. direct power/7-lbs. w/remote control)

NOTE: RC winches are designed to pull, not lift - meaning pulling a vehicle that is rolling freely, as opposed to lifting a vehicle up off the ground. When you pull, a majority of the vehicle weight is being supported by the tires on the ground, and the rolling tires also take load away from the winch. However, when you try to lift a vehicle, the winch is trying to support the entire weight of the vehicle. DO NOT use your winch to lift the vehicle off the ground! This will most likely burn out the winch motor, and is not covered under warranty.

Some parts include new hardware where applicable, but some parts are designed to use your original hardware and fasteners. Shimming may be required for perfect alignment and fitment. Some parts may require some permanent modification to the vehicle for fitment. Some parts may eliminate certain OEM features. Instructions for installation are not included; if you do not know how to install the part, please ask your local dealer for assistance. Before installation, please check metal-to-metal fasteners for tightness, and use liquid threadlock when required, as some components are assembled for packaging purposes only.