• Black Horse BF109E - 90 ARTF


    More than just a scaled down of the 33cc version, Black Horse have kept all the good features as well. That characteristic aggressive shape remains faithful to scale where possible yet, still provides the performance and handling of a much more stable sports style model. By fitting a .61 size 2-stroke or .91 size 4-stroke engine, this new Bf109E will really sparkle and most of the engine will fit inside the cowl as well. Electric motor setups are also possible. Air retracts and a set of oleo struts are included and flaps are also standard. That fabulous scale colour scheme is is recreated in authentic colours.

    • Covered with pre-printed heatshrink film
    • Air retracts & oleo struts included
    • Balsa/Ply construction using advanced CNC techniques
    • Fibreglass cowl