Black Horse Chipmunk 45cc ARTF


The highly popular Black Horse Chipmunk has grown!!

This latest version is designed for 45/50cc petrol engines like the THOR 45 and makes a great first model for your first large scale aircraft.

With that extra sizes comes a whole host of new features that make it practical and even more scale looking. Each wing panel locates against the fuselage side under a scale wing fairing using heavy duty aluminium spars. Transportation is no issue at all.

The main undercarriage now features sprung oleo legs and the left leg has the scale landing light in the leg fairing. Although this is non operating, it would be easy to install one if you so wished.

Access to the inside of the fuselage is easy via the large, removable top hatch making conversion to EP fairly simple as there is good battery access.

Construction is completely by balsa and ply covered in Oracover and all componenst are CNC Laser cut. The large cowling is moulded in GRP and features the single, offset air intake at the front, just like the real one. The fuselage shape is extremely accurate and the anti spin strakes of the full size are also there.

When you add the two pilot figures, accurately moulded canopy and fabulous flying characteristics, the big Black Horse Chipmunk becomes almost irresistable.

Wingspan: 2170mm (85.43")
Length: 1760mm (69.29")
Weight: 6.3kg (13.86lb)
Radio System: 7 x High Torque, 1 x Std. (Req.)
Radio System: 6 Channels
Petrol Engine: 45cc