• Black Horse Hawker Seafury FBII .46 ARTF


    Some shapes look good small or large and the new Black Horse Sea Fury .46 size packs so much into such a compact sized model. From a few yards away, it would be hard to tell it from its much larger sibling. No flat fuselage sides and bottom here, just sexy curves and an aggressive looking radial engine cowl. That cowl has the added bonus of hiding most of any engine that you fit yet provides really good cooling for warm days. Just like the real one, the wings have multi-sections and that semi-elliptical shape giving docile handling at low speed. Undercarriage is fixed but retracts can be fitted if required.

    • Covered with pre-printed heatshrink film
    • Designed for electric retracts (Not included)
    • CNC Oleo Legs included
    • Balsa/Ply construction using advanced CNC techniques
    • Fibreglass cowl

    Wingspan: 1460mm
    Length: 1350mm
    Weight: 3.2kg
    Servos: 5 (Required)
    Radio System: 4 - 5 Channel (Required)
    Retracts: (Optional)
    IC Engine: .46 (Required)