• Black Horse JU87B Stuka (New Version)

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    This updated version of the black horse stuka features an improved gear design and large top hatch making it easier to assemble.

    The Black Horse Stuka is a near to scale replica of the Ju-87B-2 variant, representing an aircraft operated in Austria in 1943. Some compromises have been made to model construction/flying but the general outline is fairly close to scale, as is the colour scheme.

    Designed primarily for a 1.20 size four stroke engine, the Stuka can also be converted to EP power if required and a hatch on the underside allows acces to change the battery.

    Those characteristic ailerons and flaps work just like the real thing and are surprisingly effective. The highly tapered wing requires care when landing but once down, the sprung undercarriage absorbs the bumps on the average flying field very well.

    Each wing, complete with undercarriage leg, can be removed for transport. Although the bomb is fixed, a little inginuity will allow a dropping mechanism to be conjured up, by those that feel it is essentail.

    The canopy has been left un-glued, so that scale fanatics can dress up the cockpit and pilots to their hearts content!

    • Scale Outline
    • All Balsa & Ply Construction
    • Pre-printed accurate colour scheme
    • Scale Flaps
    • Suitable for IC or Electric Power

    This new version includes minor updates in improvements in construction.

    Wingspan: 1920mm (75.6")
    Length: 1560mm (61.4")
    Weight: 5.5kg (12.13lbs)
    Servos: 9 Servos (5 x 5kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x Std) (Rec.)
    Radio System: 6 Channel (Rec.)
    Electric Motor: `KMS Quantum 4130/07 or 5321/14 (Rec.)
    IC Engine: .91 2-Stroke or 1.20 4-Stroke (Rec.)
    Speed Controller: 80A (Rec.)
    LiPo: 6 - 8S 5500mAh Li-Po (Rec.)