• Black Horse Spitfire .61 ARTF


    From every angle she is certainly a Spitfire! Whether it’s the fabulously multi-curved fuselage or those famous elliptical wings, there is no doubting this is a real thoroughbred. Those complex shapes are all created in ply and balsawood using the techniques that Black Horse has developed over the years. The authentic colour scheme is printed on selfadhesive vinyl and expertly applied in the factory. Even the best modellers would struggle to match the construction and keep her so light as well. Strap in a .61 2-stroke or even the new OS GGT-15 to really carve up the sky. Air retracts and oleos are included with the model.

    • Covered with pre-printed heatshrink film
    • Air retracts & oleo struts included
    • Balsa/Ply construction using advanced CNC techniques
    • Fibreglass cowl