DHC-2 Beaver 25 ARF EP 68inch


The second model in E-flite’s Platinum series is the DHC 2 Beaver, designed by DeHavilland of Canada as a rugged and powerful aircraft that could be equipped with either wheels, skis or floats. This enabled the Beaver to reach areas in the frozen remote areas of Canada and Alaska that could normally only be reached on foot or by boat.

This superb scale model from E-flight raises the standard in almost ready to fly electric models with a host of scale detail that is unsurpassed. The Beaver features distinctive corrugated flight control surfaces, concealed control linkages to the rudder, elevator and steerable tail wheel hidden behind an easy access fibreglass tail cone. The fully functioning flaps aid in short take offs and landings and also feature concealed linkages. Other scale features include a pre-painted fibreglass engine cowling with dummy radial engine, pre-painted fibreglass landing gear fairings, and pre-moulded canopy windows with the correct blown effect to the side windows. The large cabin can be fitted out with the optional scale cockpit kit (EFL4537) containing instrument panel, cloth effect floor and seats, two painted pilot figures.

As to the airframe itself, this is constructed from laser cut lightweight plywood and balsa parts covered in Ultracote in a scale colour scheme complete with DeHavilland graphics. The large one-piece wing is easily removed for convenient transport. One feature that is included but not seen are the pre-fitted float mounts that allow the landing gear and optional floats (EFLA500) to be changed quickly and easily allowing the Beaver to be flown off water for the ultimate in scale flight. Thanks to the unique adjustable engine mounting on the firewall the Beaver may be powered with either the E-flite Power25 or the Power 32 Brushless outrunner motors either of which provides plenty of performance, although it might be prudent to fit the Power 32 if the model is to be flown only off water. E-flite’s comprehensive hardware pack and illustrated assembly guide complete the fantastic model.