Dynam PBY Catalina Twin - PNP


The PBY Catalina was originally designed as a Patrol Bomber to locate and attack enemy transport ships. Although they were slow they were exceptionally reliable in service and saved thousands of American aircrew downed over water.

The Dynam Catalina has been designed to be simple to assemble, operate and very rewarding to fly. Sedate scale flight or much more aggressive aerobatics are made possible with the extremely potent twin brushless motor combination.

Not everyone has access to a suitably sized lakes so the designers at Dynam have made this aircraft very suitable to hand launch. With only a very gentle flick into a slight headwind the Catalina will be airborne, how simple can it get.

Loops, inverted flight, touch and goes, stall turns are performed with effortless ease and landings are made so easy as the aircraft features a reinforced hull to absorb the friction generated by landing on its belly.

The large battery compartment is easily accessed and will hold a 2200mAh 4S LiPo with ease and it will also fly very well on the smaller 3S sized packs.

Dynam PBY Catalina Features:

  • High quality scale detail and a nice large 1.4m winspan make this an attention grabbing model.
  • Plenty of power is provided by the twin 1100KV motors.
  • Made from a high strength EPO-foam for added durability.
  • Powered by a pair of high powered 1100KV electric brushless motors
  • Makes a great gift since almost everything needed to fly comes in one box.

Tech Spec:

  • Wingspan - 1470mm
  • Overall length - 940mm
  • Servo - Installed 9g x 4
  • ESC - 30 Amp x 2
  • Motor - Brushless Outrunner x 2

Required to finish: 3S or 4S LiPo 2200mAh Battery, 4 Channel Transmitter and receiver.