KoPropo EX-2 Radio Select Pack 1 with KR-241 FH Receiver


Light weight Body for Fastest lap in the Race including Drop Extension Steering Unit.
We have developed the EX-2 from the technology of the EX-1. Drivers can use the best performance by using this product. The EX-2 uses the FHSS for the frequency operating system.
This radio system is compatible with the EX-1, so you can use the same receivers as the EX-1.
Also, the EX-2 is a K.I.Y. concept product meaning you can use the same optional parts as the EX-1.

Compatible for Kyosho New MHS Mini-Z.
EX-2 are use with Our FHSS radio. Also compatible for Kyosho New MHS Mini-z. You can use with Normal RC and Mini-Z.
Such a Radio is our EX-2 only.
Note: Kyosho MHS detail are released at Kyosho website soon.
        This products can not use with ASF Mini-Z.
        Mini-Z and this products are Trade mark of KYOSHO CORPORATION.

2 Way angle Display
LCD Expansion Unit capable of installation with 2 different directions in 90 degrees as shown.