KoPropo EX-RR Carbon Blue Wheel with 2pcs KR-418FH Receiver


This is a limited color version in red of the existing EX-RR transmitter in blue.
We thought of the operation feeling to the primacy by the development of RR. It is the operation feeling which operates a car really.We think that the feelings which can not be evaluated are important at the numerical value in each steering, throttle, software element.

The set includes 2 pcs. of the KR-418FH receiver which offers the use of HCS and each channel can be turned on for this quicker response with the use of the the RX Mode Selector (optional part).
The small size and the light weight makes the receiver fit into every modelcar.

Features Transmitter:

  • High performance CPU
  • 2.7inch LCD with two possible positions
  • Compact and light weight master unit
  • perfect designed throttle unit for direct feeling
  • optimized steering unit