Mystic C5000 | 1890mm (74,4")


The original with the unique, excellent driving characteristics!
Copies are many, but the driving experience and quality of our Mystic C5000 remains unequaled. Due to the design, our Mystic Catamaran combines elegance and speed like hardly another boat. The specially shaped tunnel provides, untypical for catamarans, great driving behavior, even in curves and at high speeds.
Regarding motorization on this model you are able to work with even the strongest electric motors. Speeds above 180Km / h (112mph) are no problem for this hull.

How it all started
During our visit to the Super Powerboat World Championship in Key West, we talked to Joe Cosker, the owner of Mystic Powerboats. The rest is powerboat history. Since then, we are the only manufacturer in the world, who has permission to produce these excellent hulls with help of original datas. Therefore without Joe's help, it would be significantly more boring on the water. Thank you Joe =)

That fits
For our Mystic we offer a comprehensive range of suitable drives, rudders, carbon mounts and much more. Of course, always specially made to the respective hull size and desired speed. In general, you should note that the Mystic C5000 is intended for the construction with 2 motors.

Thats new
Hatch and tunnel had been enlarged scale. Therefore driving performances improves for high speed and curves significant. All supplies such as rudder, drives for Mystic 1850mm are still suitable.