OS GT 120T Twin-Cylinder 120cc Petrol Engine

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The O.S. GT120T is a 120cc flat twin petrol engine ideally suited to large aerobatic aircraft where only the best will do. The impressive 10ps (9.86hp) power output is perfect to power a 100" class aerobatic aircraft as used in 3D and IMAC competitions across the world. The crankcase is precision made from aluminium using the latest machining technology OS have on offer. The HS-324A carburettor was designed to produce a special emphasis on throttle response. The GT120T includes a newly designed lightweight ignition unit called the IG-10 to provide a reliable and strong 'spark' with easy start ignition timing and protection against backwards running. To make installation simple the mounting dimensions match most popular existing 120cc twin petrol engines.
This engine is not a stock item, it is only available on special order. Please call 01249 817731 if you wish to place an order
• CNC aluminium crankcase
• Precision HS-324A carburettor
• Advanced IG-10 ignition unit included
• Perfect for large 100" aerobatic aircraft
• Common mounting dimensions
Carburetor: HS-324A (Inc.)
Spark Plug: CM-6 (Inc.)
Weight: 2,450g (86.42oz) Engine & 150g (5.29oz) Ignition
Capacity: 119.8cc (7.32cu.in)
Ignition Type: O.S. IG-10 (Inc.)
Bore: 44mm (1.732")
Stroke: 39.4mm (1.551")
Power Output: 10.0 ps (9.86hp) @ 7,000 rpm
Practical RPM: 1,600 - 8,000