WP ARLEIGH BURKE M1/100 Zerstörer Premiu

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The USS Lassen - highest detailing and excellent navigation experience

The original

The guided missile destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class are the numerically biggest ship class of the US Navy since the WWII. The destroyers are the first Marine units of the USA build with the principle of the stealth technology.

The Graupner Premium Line model represents the USS Lassen, A destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class.

The Lassen was launched in 1999 and was was officially put into service in 2001. The field of application of the fast guided missile destroyer is mainly the Pacific and the Yellow Sea. The 156 meter long and 20 meter wide Lassen is used as escort ship for aircraft carrier in rescue missions and maneuver operations with Russian and South Korean naval forces.

The model

The Graupner Premium Line model is a reproduction of the USS Lassen in 1 : 100 scale created on the base of the original plans. Like all the Graupner models of the Premium Line the destroyer impresses through its high level of details - right down to lifejackets and buoyancy rings. The hull, the structures and the cranes are spray-painted with matt colors; the metal parts are photo-etched. The 1,5 meter long model impresses so particularly through its realism. As the original also the RC ship distinguishes with its excellent driving characteristics, the high speed and maneuverability. The Almost-Ready-to-Run (ATR) model has a fiberglass hull, structures made of laser cut ABS parts and thrusters / propellers made of metal.

You still need a transmitter and a receiver. We recommend the transmitter set of mx-12 and GR-12 receiver (No. 33112). Furthermore, a speed controller, e.g. Graupner Navy V40 R (No. 2875) and a battery, e.g. The Graupner lead acid battery 6 V / 10 Ah (No. 768).

Access to the RC components is spacious and the installation is easy. All accessories and spare parts around the ship model and all for the hobby model making and model sports can be found in the Graupner Online Shop. 

Model specifications

  • (ARTR) almost ready to run model
  • High detail realism
  • Glass fiber hull
  • Structures made of laser-cut ABS parts
  • Details and small parts in metal
  • Hull, structures, cranes spray painted with matt painting
  • Applied decorations
  • Four installed electric motors
  • Easy installation of the RC components

Included in the set
The model is delivered ready built with a ship stand, 2 600 class brushed motors and a 20 mm high performance analog servo, with 9kg torque.