• RC sea rescue cruiser BERNHARD GRUBEN


    The 23.1 meter class is back!

    Extensive and finely detailed kit for the expert who wants to build again correctly. Nevertheless, the CNC machining and many laser parts significantly reduce the assembling time. All parts are reproduced and described step by step, part in the model scale 1:1, in the blueprint and the instructions.
    The marine rescue cruiser of the 23.1 meter class was named Bernhard Gruben on 16.10.1997. It got the name of the predecessor who died on 1 January 1995 in the accident of the sea cruiser Alfried Krupp. The DGzRS internal designation of the cruiser is SK 28. Since August 5, 1997, the Bernhard Gruben has been stationed in the port of the East Frisian island of Norderney. From the end of 2017, she is to be stationed in Hooksiel and replace the Vormann Steffens there.

    Note: Daughter boat Johann Fidi not included

    Product features

    • Premium kit
    • GRP Hull 5-axis CNC milled
    • Constructions made of ABS CNC milled. Fast and quickly built up
    • Entire fitting set is included. Numerous details of PU cast.Swimming vest, headlights and more.
    • RC-mounting set consisting of boat stands, wooden frames, speed motors, servos for the rudders and tailgate
    • Excellent handling characteristics. Due to the heavier hull and light construction, the model is no longer copulatory in contrast to its predecessor
    • Numerous possibilities for own special functions like fire monitor, open tailgate, rotatable radar, light and sound functions.

    package content

    GRP hull cnc machined
    Superstructures, decks of ABS
    Details of PU casting (English "resin")
    Wooden wood parts, boat stands, RC installation kit
    2x Speed 600 engines
    1x Ruderservo
    1x rear flap servo
    Stevenrohre, metal-propellers, rowing machine, small parts
    Complete fitting kit
    Daughter boat not included! Can be ordered separately under No. 2027.100V2 

    Recommended accessories

    • Remote control mc-28 (No.33028)
    • 2x Speedprofi 40 (No.7196)
    • 2x lead battery 12V / 7Ah (No. 2591)
    • Faston Flat Plug 4.8 mm (No. 3597)
    • 2 x Accumulator Cable JST Japan Standard G2 (No. 94308)
    • High Performance Lubricating Grease (No. 570)
    • Wet.Protect 50ml Moisture Protection (No. 968.50)
    • Model ballast (No. 3663.100)
    • optional:
    • Receiver GR-32 (No.33516)
    • Graupner light module (No. 2381)
    • Sound Module (No.2386.S)
    • 16 channel switching module (No.3972)
    • 4 Channel Prop Module (No.3973)
    • Switching relays (No.4159.1 / 4159.2 / 4159.3)
    • Micro G Operating Motor (No.1753)
    • Gear pump 12V (No. 1952) For the function mode, the extinguishing monitor has tobe inflated
    • Silicone Hose (No.1668.4)
    • Brass rail supports (No.390.1,6) As an option and in exchange against the enclosed supports
    • Brass Wire (No.1138.1,5)

    Width o.a. [mm]: 300 mm
    Scale: 1 : 20 
    Height [mm]: 640 mm
    Weight [g]: 10000 g
    Overall length [mm]: 1150 mm
    Version: Construction Kit 
    Artikel_Produktbild02: 2027.V2_Bernhard_Gruben_23 
    Artikel_Produktbild03: 2027_BernhardGruben_fahr1 
    Artikel_Produktbild04: 2027_BernhardGruben_fahr2 
    Artikel_Produktbild01: 2027.V2_Bernhard_Gruben_22 
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