Ripmax Bolero 3D ARTF EP/GP\


The Bolero is a high performance funfly aircraft with huge control surfaces for 3D flight. The Bolero was developed by Alan Wood, the pilot behind the J!VE and was made with the aim of providing the next generation of funfly 3D aircraft building on the attributes that have made previous Ripmax funfly aircraft such as the Bossanova so popular.

Designed in CAD, then produced on jigs with laser cut parts and then covered in high quality iron-on film the Bolero oozes quality. All areas of the design and construction have been studied and optimised for performance and durability. The wings are fully symmetrical and feature a thick custom aerofoil to improve flight characteristics on windy days and a predictable response during slow speed. The aluminium spar is tough and lightweight allowing easy wing attachment via a large fuselage hatch, this allows the Bolero be assembled at the field without tools. The fuselage is long to increase pitch stability and thin to helping the Bolero track straight and true. The tailplanes are an open structure to reduce weight and the control surfaces themselves are huge and capable of large throws. The undercarriage is formed from sturdy aluminium to cater for everyday use on grass fields. 

The power system is easy to install and access for maintenance in wither I/C or electric power format. Just purchase the correct kit (A-ARTF6720/ICP or A-ARTF6720/ELP) for your choice of system. We recommend the QuantumII 55 motor, Quantum 80A ESC and a 5S1P Li-Po to really pack a punch if you choose electric power, or a .55 2-Stroke if you prefer an engine. The radio installation is just as simple, all servos are easy to access and there is lots of room for your choice of receiver and battery. High power servos such as Quartz QZ507 (P-QZ507) with a 6V battery are recommended for a balance of torque and speed.

The Bolero features side force generators or SFG's as they are commonly known. SFG's increase the side area of the airframe giving excellent authority in knife edge aerobatic manoeuvres allowing the Bolero to knife edge loop and much more. The side force generators simply slot in to each wing tip and are removable with one screw. They are brilliant at improving 3D flight but if you decide they aren't for you then we even include some film to cover the hole up!

The Bolero can be wild in the right hands but that shouldn't scare any novice aerobatic pilots away. Simply reduce the control movements down and the Bolero is docile enough to learn aerobatics and make a great first mid-wing model. The Bolero is predictable, smooth and extremely capable with the ability to progress with you as you become a 3D pro!

• Pre-covered in high quality heat shrink film
• All balsa and ply construction
• Large control surfaces for 3D flight
• Aluminium undercarriage
• Suitable for electric or I/C power (suitable pack required)
• Optional side force generators for amazing knife-edge performance
• Large access hatch
• 2-Piece wing with carbon spar for easy transport