Ripmax Easy Street 2 EP ARTF

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The Easy Street 2 is a stunning new sport aerobatic aircraft with the DNA of its classic counterpart. Sized to suit the popular 2100mAh Li-Pos almost every modeller already has it is the perfect size to fit in a car fully assembled but can be broken into three parts for easy storage. The sleek design tracks very precisely through the sky and with the recommended power unit it eats it up at speed too!

The Easy Street was first introduced as a balsa kit by BalsaCraft and converted by Ripmax into an ARTF in the easrly days of EP power. In the many years that have passed the performance of electric RC aircraft have moved on in leaps and bounds. This new Easy Street is a 100% completely new design based on the format of the classic model with numerous improements. Firstly it is bigger, about 110% of the original airframe but it still comes in at approximately 1000g. The outline is new with and deeper and more stylish fuselage, the wings are a different shape and large tailplanes for increased low speed control. This new design takes the best from the old concept and delivers a model that out performs the old design in every way.

The Easy Street 2 was designed as a general use sports model, the type that you can just throw in the back of the car and fly in almost any weather at short notice. In the air it flies like a cross bwtween a sports model and a patternship, it feels 'locked in' during fast low passes and tracks straight as an arrow through large aerobatic manouvers. The hand launch is uneventful and simply requires a straight over arm throw 60% throttle. The ailerons being the full length of the wing are very powerful at a wide array of speeds and give a crisp response for precision point rolls. The rudder is very effective during stall turns and flicks but due to the sleek fuselage you will need to keep the speed up whilst knife edge flying. In your first flight gain some height and test the stall characteristics at low power, it is quite benign but will drop a wing if provoked far enough with a quick recovery when airspeed is regained. The low drag design means the landing circuit benefits from a smooth wide approach, adding a small amount of power (under 5%) creates some extra drag from the propeller and helps to slow you down as you glide in. Then gently ease the elevator and the Easy Street 2 will settle in a smooth descent ready for a final power off flair at about a foot above the floor.

The ARTF structure is made from a combination of balsa and ply and pre-covered in iron-on film so the assembly left for you in minimal. The build takes only a few hours and most of that is the radio installation. We recommend a Quantum 25 brushless motor () with a x" APC electric propeller () and a 50A Quantum II ESC () if you want to run it on a 3S battery such as the Hi-Energy 3S1P 2100mAh 30C Li-Po (). Those who want more power can also fly the Easy Street 2 on 4S such as the Hi-Energy 4S1P 2100mAh 30C Li-Po () but you need to use a 60A ESC such as the Quantum II 60A () and change the propeller to a x" APC electric ().

• Sleek high speed desgn
• Precision flying characteristics like a pattership!
• Large hatch for easy battery access
• 2-Piece wings for easy storage
• Factory built balsa and ply structure
• Pre-covered in iron-on tilm
• Pre-Painted fibreglass cowl
• Classic design re-imagined

Included in the Box
• Pre-covered balsa/ply airframe
• Fibreglass cowlling
• Large moulded acess hatch
• Composite spar
• Hardware pack
• Plastic spinner
• A4 Colour instruction manual

Required to Complete for 3S Power
• Quantum 25 brushless motor ()
• APC x" electric propeller ()
• 50A Quantum II brushless ESC ()
• 3S1P 11.1V 2100mAh Hi-Energy 30C Li-Po ()
• 2.4GHz 4-5 channel radio and receiver
• 4 x New Power mini Servos ()
• 2 x mm extension leads ()
• Suitable battery charger
• Various hand tools

Required to Complete for 4S Power
• Quantum 25 brushless motor ()
• APC x" electric propeller ()
• 60A Quantum II brushless ESC ()
• 4S1P 14.8V 2100mAh Hi-Energy 30C Li-Po ()
• 2.4GHz 4-5 channel radio and receiver
• 4 x New Power mini Servos ()
• 2 x mm extension leads ()
• Suitable battery charger
• Various hand tools

Youtube Video
Wingspan 1120mm (")
Length 970mm (")
Weight 1000g (oz) without Battery
Servos 4x New Power XL-17HMB (Req.)
Radio System 4-5 Channel (Req.)
Propeller Range 10 x 7E on 3S, 9 x 7.5E on 4S
LiPo 3S - 4S 2100-3000mAh Hi-Energy 30C (Req.)
Electric Motor Quantum II 25 Speed Brushless (Req.)
Speed Controller Quantum 40A or 60A Brushless ESC (Req.)