River Rave Jet Boot | Jet Raceboat | 1220mm (48") | GFK


Smart jet racing boat from the whitewater scene
Our River Race jetboat is a semiscale replica of United States jetboats equipped with 500 - 2500hp to race upstream. The model is characterized by its double tunnel system and can therefore be modeled with a jet propulsion system. This offers the opportunity to drive properly even when the water level is shallow. Furthermore, jetboats are characterized by a very high maneuverability and an extremely high fun factor.

That fits
For this jet boat we recommend the construction with our Jet 52 and either a 22-29cc engine, the Scorpion 5035 or a SSS motor of the 56er series (up to 10S) and a 300A regulator.

Good to know!
Because of the high suction, the focus for this car is about 40% from the rear. Further matching accessories can be found below in the section "This fits".