WP NORDIC M 1/75 Schlepper II.Wahl

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The Salvage Tug Nordic is in an original condition and is no return.
Due to a defective production, the product has color defects. The color errors are on the green painted deck. For this check out the pictures of the B-goods.

Please check out the pictures of the B-goods

The original

The deep-sea recovery trawler Nordic is considered to be the most powerful trawler in German waters. The tug is stationed on a sea position north of the East Frisian island of Norderney. Basis harbor is Cuxhaven.

The construction of the Nordic started in 1998 in the accident of the freighter Pallas, which made it clear that the German "Seeotschleppkonzept" urgently needed a modern tugboat. At the turn of the year 2010/2011, Nordic unwound the Oceanic tugboat after 42 years of service. With a top speed of almost 20 knots, the Nordic reaches every position within the German Bay within two hours. It is equipped with a gas and explosion protection so that it can also be operated in a flammable or health-endangering environment.