WP Passagierschiff Queen Mary 2 II.Wahl

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The queen of the seas

The Queen Mary II is in the original condition and is not a return product.
Due to a defective production the model has the following defects:
- Deck with wood optics is not flush with the railing
- Deck has some cracks
- Railing is waved partly

Please check out the pictures of the B-goods

The original

The passenger ship Queen Mary 2, usually called also simply QM2, belongs to the biggest passenger ships of the world. The "Queen of the seas" is conceived as committed to the tradition of the great trans-Atlantic liners. Up to 3090 passengers find place in the luxury liner and are served by the 1250 men crew. 
In 2004 took place the mayden voyage of the Queen Mary 2. Since 2011 the home port of the 345 m long and 41 m large ship is Hamilton, the capital of Bermudas. In spate its gigantic size the Queen Mary reaches a top speed of 30 Knots (quite 56 km/h).

The model

As all Graupner Premium Line models also the Graupner model of the Queen Mary 2 is characterized by the high attention to details and the high quality materials used.

The model in 1 : 200 scale has a glass fibre reinforced plastic hull. This is particularly light and robust. The structures are made of laser-cut ABS parts thus they are very precise. The Graupner Queen Mary 2 is characterized by its realism. The ship was produced on the base of the orgiginal plans of the shipping company. All the small parts are made of metal. The hull, the structures and the details are spray painted with lucid colors. The safety boats are painted with many colors.

The Graupner Premium Line model is an Almost Ready to Run version (ARTR). It means that the model is completely assembled. You need only RC components a battery and you can soon ride the sea. The installation of the RC components is easy to perform thank to the big openings. The components must only be properly connected and the ship must only be balanced accordingly. 

Package content

The Queen Mary 2 is shipped with already installed brushless electric motors. These have a special winding to drive optimally the custom-made pod drives for the QM2. The ship model has 4 azimuth thrusters that represent a faithful reproduction of the Rolls Royce Mermaid thrusters. The azimuth thrusters are controlled through the special, already installed servo.

Recommended accessories

For the maximum pleasure with your Graupner Premium Line model we recommend the Graupner pult transmitter mc-16 with GR-16 receiver (No. 33016.16), four Graupner brushless speed controller Navy BVR 40 (No. 7254), two GM Power Pack 3600 mAh (No. 2490.6), the Y-cable (No. 3936.11), the connectors set G21 (No. 2989), the Graupner speed controller Navy V15R (No. 2861) for the lateral thruster, The Graupner high performance oil (No. 206) so as the Graupner high performance grease (No. 570).
After the installation of the RC components the model must be trimmed in the water with ballast. For this purpose is suitable the Graupner model ballast (No. 3663.50 und 3663.100).

Experience the fascination of the Queen of the seas. Let the Graupner Premium Line der Queen Mary 2 enchant you. The Graupner Online Shop offers at any time an enormous selection of ship models, transmitters and all about your Hobby RC model construction and model sport - at convenient prices and immediately available. 

Product characteristics

  • (ARTR) almost ready to run model
  • Glass fiber hull
  • Structures made of laser-cut ABS parts
  • Detailsand small parts in metal
  • Safety boats with multicolor painting
  • Hull, structures, cranes spray painted with matt painting
  • Applied decorations
  • Installed electric motors
  • Easy installation of the RC components
  • Package content: model, ship stand, small parts

The model is not suitable for children under 14 years old.
Operation under 14 years requires the guidance of parents. 

Recommended accessories

  • pult transmitter set mc-16 & GR-16 receiver (No. 33016.16)
  • Graupner brushless speed controller Navy BVR 40 (No. 7254)
  • Graupner speed controller Navy V15R (No. 2861)
  • GM Power Pack 3600 mAh (No. 2490.6)
  • Y-cable (No. 3936.11)
  • Connectors set (No. 2989)
  • Graupner high performance oil (No. 206)
  • High performance grease (No. 570)
  • Graupner model ballast (No. 3663.50 and 3663.100)