• WP POLLUX 2 RC Elektro Boot


    Towing made easy

    The Original

    The tractor Pollux was built 1963 in Bremerhaven. The Pollux has 170 BRT, a length of 28 meters, a width of 8 meters, draft 3.5 meters and is powered by two engines with 1350 hp. The tractor creates 12.3 knots and has 17 t of stakes.
    After the merger with Hapag-Lloyd, the Pollux (2) came to Ijmuiden in 1992. There the tractor was converted, but not renamed.

    The Model

    The Graupner Pollux 2 is a true replica of this tractor in 1: 100 scale. The model is a completely revised version of the successful ship model from the 1990s. From reworked materials, components manufactured in state-of-the-art processes and the highest level of detail, the Pollux tugboat is a special highlight.

    The EasyBuild-Up kit is easy to assemble even for beginners - thanks to the precise manufacture of all milling and etching parts as well as CNC milled parts. Only for the railings and some superstructures as well as the rudder and the Stevenrohr still holes have to be drilled. The model is designed for easy installation of all components and offers enough space for all RC components as well as special functions, such as light and sound effects.

    Remarkable is the high detail of the model. The hull is protected by 16 tire fenders. The fuselage, superstructuresand masts are made of extra strong plastic, doors and the rail made of photo-etched brass parts. The cable winches and fittings are manufactured by resin molding.

    Included in the set

    The set includes a mounting base for the RC components, a brass steve-pipe tube, a propeller and a powerful 400-brush electric motor. The Graupner Pollux II comes already with LEDs for the mast lighting. A high-quality wooden ship stand for the model, even if it is not driven,it is always in the best light.

    Recommended accessoires

    For the kit we recommend the Graupner remote control set from mz-10 and GR-12L receiver (No. S1001.DE). The Graupner speed controller Speedprofi 40R BEC (No. 7196), which has a particularly sensitive control behavior, is perfect. We also recommend the Graupner digital Servos DES 427 BB 9 mm (No. 7910).

    The Graupner Onlineshop offers you a wide range of topics related to model building and model sports. Discover all the necessary spare parts and accessories, remote controls, controls, servos or decoration for your boat model. 

    Product features
    • Completely revised edition of the Graupner classic
    • Very high detail
    • Easy build-up kit - quick assembly
    • high pass accuracy
    • High-quality materials

    Included in the kit
    Complete kit (Easy Build Up Kit) with all superstructures, propeller and rudder parts.
    RC mounting base
    LEDs for mast lighting
    multilingual guide
    Decals & Lettering
    16-piece Fender tire set 

    Recommended accessoires
    • Remote Control Set mx-10 HoTT, 5 Channel & Receiver GR-12, 6 Channel (No. 33110)
    • Electric motor Speed 400 7.2 V (No. 1794)
    • Digital Servo DES 427 BB 9 mm (No. 7910)
    • Cruise control SPEEDPROFI 40R BEC (No. 7196)
    • Receiver Battery 5NH-2600 RX RTU Flat SJ (No. 2495.5F) as Fahrakku or Lead Battery 6 V / 1.2 Ah (No. 770)
    • Charger
    • Colors
    • Glue

    Width o.a. [mm]: 133 mm
    Scale: 1 : 100 
    Height [mm]: 240 mm
    Weight [g]: 354 g
    Mast size above deck [mm]: 175 mm
    Overall length [mm]: 354 mm
    Drive: Electric-Brushes 
    Batteries or accumulators included?: No 
    Boat propeller: 3-blade 
    Version: Construction Kit 
    Servo included?: No 
    Receiver included / recommended: Empfohlen Graupner GR-12 (No. S1012 oder mit Fernsteuerung No. 33110) 
    Transmitter included / recommended: Empfohlen Graupner mx-10 (No. 33110.77 oder mit Empfänger No. 33110) 
    Receiver included?: No 
    Difficulty level: Beginner 
    Transmitter included?: No 
    Drive included / suggested: Empfohlen Graupner Speed 400 7,2 V (No. 1794) 
    Servo included / recommended: Empfohlen Graupner digital Servo DES 427 BB 9 mm (No. 7910) 
    Drive included?: No 
    Controller included / recommended: Empfohlen Graupner Fahrtenregler SPEEDPROFI 40R BEC (No. 7196) 
    Hull type: Displacement Body 
    Controller included?: No 
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