• 4046 Steam Plant – 2 in Econo Vertical Boiler - Custom Engine Layout


    4046 Steam Plant – 2 in Econo Vertical Boiler - Custom Engine Layout

    Custom Engine Steam Plants are intended to be used by modellers that have a steam engine and want to run it in a boat. Entries here of the seven options show a dimensioned mounting tray, diagrammatic drawings the of the boiler, gas tank & oil trap and their location on the tray and the space available for mounting a non MSM built steam engine. The fittings required to connect the custom engine can be worked through by discussion. If in doubt as to which version to choose please supply bore and stroke of your engine to start detailed discussions.

    Vertical Copper "Econo" Boiler Steam Plant  P/N 4046

    The boiler is a variant of the standard 2" vertical boiler that performs as well, but has a lower cost of production and a shorter running time.

    Steam Plant comes with:
    High performance copper boiler P/N 4056
    Exhaust oil trap P/N 4062
    Refillable gas tank with pressure test certificate. P/N 4271
    Gas filler adapter P/N 4358
    Brass mounting tray P/N 2736
    Gas & steam pipe work
    Possible steam connections to engine fittings if discussed at time of ordering
    Syringe for emptying oil trap 

    Not Supplied:

    Steam Plant Specifications:
    Weight dry                                   1.46 kg
    Tray Size                              85 x 190 mm Engine space 85 x 75 mm to 100 mm
    Height to top of boiler cone            140 mm
    Height to top of flue                      200 mm

    Boiler specifications:
    Diameter                               2” 50.8 mm
    Boiler water capacity                      75 ml
    Working pressure                     25 psi 1.7 Bar
    Test pressure                           80 psi  5.32 bar
    Running time per fill approx.           10 min 

    Complies with the following design, construction and testing requirements of:
    - Australian Standard AS 4343 Level E
    Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee, (AMBSC) code part 3 Issue 1.0 - 2006 Sub-Miniature Boilers and AMBSC code part I . Issue 7 - 2001 - UK Boiler Test Code 2018 – Volume 2                

                       Copper Boiler includes:
                                        Pressure gauge
                                        Safety valve
                                        Water sight glass
                                        Gas fired cast ceramic burner
                                        Pressure test certificate
                                        Boiler specifications meets AS 4343 hazard level E
                                        & AMBSC Code Part 3 issue 2 – 2017, Sub-Miniature                                           Boilers.